In all activities as an employee performs on behalf of Börje Jönsson Åkeri AB, it is assumed that we act responsibly both agains ourselves, against other employees and towards our environment.

We are expected to comply with igven rules wherever we are.

We will;

In traffic always carry a seat belt, keep the appropiate discance to others, take into account the road conditions and the prevailing traffic situation.
Respect and comply with speed, driving and rest times, weight regulations and dangerous goods.
Be alcohol and drug free when carrrying out our transportation. This implies great restriction the day before and during rest periods in transport missions.
Carry out safety checks on vehicles and protective equipment daily. Deficiencies must be corrected before use.
Use prescribe safety equipment in relevant contexts as well as controlled and approved equipment in all engineering wrok.
To contribute to a good working environment in workplace by keeping everything in order.
Show each other consideration, be a good companion and co-worker.
Report accidents and serious incidents.
We will together contribute to a good working enviromnet, counteract the risk of ill health, accidents or serious incidents.