In all activities as an employee performs on behalf of Börje Jönsson Åkeri AB, it is assumed that we act responsibly both agains ourselves, against other employees and towards our environment.

Our commitment is to provide safe and healthy working conditions and to counteract the risk of work-related injuries or ill health. Together, we will contribute to and continuously improve our work environment. 
We shall offer a safe and secure workplace.
We do this by:

  • Comply with the work environment-related laws, regulations, rules, and other requirements which affects us.
  • Act responsibly towards ourselves, other employees, and to our surrounding.
  • Act to a continuous improvement of our work environment.
  • Perform safety checks on our vehicles and protective equipment.
  • Provide and use the prescribed protective equipment.
  • At the workplace, contribute to a good work environment by keeping things tidy.
  • Show respect and consideration – Be a good colleague.
  • Report accidents and serious incidents.