Our ambition, based on leading by example, is to as professionals display model behaviour in traffic and carry out transports with the highest standard in matters of traffic safety.

This includes employees and management within the company:

  • Always wearing seatbelts
  • Keeping an appropriate distance to the vehicle ahead of us
  • Respecting and following speed limits
  • Respecting driving and resting time regulations
  • Considering the road surface and traffic situation when planning our trip
  • Securing the load in a responsible manner and observing applicable weight limits
  • Being sober from any alcohol and drugs when carrying out our transports. This means abstaining from any drugs and alcohol within a 24-hour period before beginning a transport assignment and during resting times.
  • Maintaining the vehicle in a roadworthy condition by servicing and inspecting it at regular intervals.
  • Not accept assignments which force us to breach this policy and its spirit