Integrity policy

This policy explains how we collect and use your personal data. We treat your personal data with the greatest respect.
What is personal data and how is personal data treated?
All data, directly or indirectly, that can be related to a physical person is covered by the concept of personal data. It covers not only name and social security number but also pictures and e-mail addresses. A description of somebody’s appearance or behaviour which makes it possible to identify the person is also a personal data.

Examples of personal data;

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Social security number
  • E-mail address
  • Description of persons
  • Pictures and videos
  • Title, department and company

Your rights
You can always contact us and request extracts, correct or delete your personal data from our register.
In some cases we must save data, e.g. because of the Accounting Act or Drive and Rest regulation.

This data is saved at our first meeting
First time we meet we might register your name, telephone number and e-mail address. When you call us we automatically save your number in the phone you call to, when you send us an e-mail your address is saved in our e-mail system as well as when you submit your personal data at our web page it is also saved.
If not clear at first encounter we will ask for your name, this to be sure of whom we speak to.

In cases of physical meetings we will save your personal data if you give us your consent, e.g. by giving us your business card. The same is valid if you send us physical mail.
When you visit our website we save anonymized IP-number data, geo data, what unit and web reader you use, when and what pages you visited.
If we end our contact and will not have any commercial relation we will delete data after one year.

Data we will save if we agree to do business with you
If we start a business relation of any kind, regardless if it is a customer-supplier or a cooperation of any kind, we will need to save some data about you.

Data we might save;
  • your name
  • your address
  • your e-mail address
  • your telephone number
  • your company VAT number
  • your title, department and company name
  • delivery address and services you purchase from us
  • notes on goods and transports
  • If it is relevant for our cooperation we will also save pictures and videos.

Reason for collecting persoanl data?
We collect personal data to be able to communicate with you (contact data), execute orders (order handling) or to fullfil the Accounting Act (accounting). Of course, we handle personal data for our employees and partners.

We collect data to be able to;
  • communicate with you
  • maintain good customer service
  • handle requests
  • handle orders
  • handle personell matters
  • handle suppliers
  • administrate our accounting
  • send requested information
  • send messages regarding important changes in our commercial terms, policies or organisation.

How do we collect personal data?
Primarily we collect the data directly from you. If necessary, we might need to complete our register with additional information. In addition to this we collect personal data if you use the contact form at our website.

We collect personal data from;
  • you personally
  • your organisation’s website
  • the contact form at our website
  • cookies at our website
  • various authorities
  • social media (if you follow us)
  • our website (if you visit us)

If you prefer us not to log cookies please adjust your settings in your web browser.
Where do we store personal data?
We limit storage places as much as possible. However, there is critical information we must store by law due to the Accounting Act as well as information for fulfilling agreements. Most of the personal data is used for communicating with our customers, suppliers and partners.

We store personal data in;
  • our time reporting system
  • our transport management system
  • our personell system
  • our accounting system
  • our fleet management system
  • our management system
  • our e-mail applications
  • our telephone contact lists
  • our back-up servers at IT-supplier
  • social media (if we have contact there)
  • tools for analyzing our website

How long do we store personal data?
We store personal data as long as it is relevant (balancing of interest), according to our mutual agreement (agreement or consent) or according to requirements by authorities (legal requirements).

If you phone us, send mail or visits our website we will sort out all personal data after one year since we last had contact. Commercial agreements will be sorted out five years after completion.
From time to time sorting out data is executed by a anonymization.

We protect your personal data
All our registers are protected with e.g. locks, passwords or two-step authentication. This is valid for our IT-systems, our website supplier and our back-up solution. We have routines for sorting out personal data from our systems which is executed in different intervals depending on category of information. We are obliged by law to store certain personal data up to ten years.
Your personal data will never be ”reused” for a purpose you have not agreed to on beforehand. We will not either share personal data with a third part without your consent. If we transfer data to countries outside the European Union we will protect these with a binding contract.

In the unlikely event of a data hacking, we are obliged to inform the Swedish Data Authority within 72 hours. If anybody is affected personally by the data hacking we are forced to inform the concerned person.

For questions about personal data and data protection, contact:
Marie Hultman, Quality Manager

Document issued: 2019-08-22