Since 1954 when Börje Jönsson started his haulage quality was the companies’ highest aim

Already from the very beginning Börje saw the biggest advantage of his customers in the direct contact to the one that performed the transport.

Then like today was the most common way to get shipments was to hire a freight forwarder who in turn hired a trucking company.

Börje was the first to do transports without an intermediate. This fact in combination with Börje’s idea of quality, which was there the whole time, gave a safe ground for expansion.

Especially the internationaltraffic increased strongly during the end of the 50ies and strayed dominating during the 60ies.  The companie’s size by itself was never an aim for Börje.  It was important to reach the necessary size to meet the customer’s requirements so that he could manage even the most demanding and sensitive shipments.


The experience of the past decades have shown that the ideas of the company’s founder Börje Jönsson were right from the beginning.  Quality and responsibility of the supplier to the customer are key factors – then and now.

After 60 years in the line of business the company still lives according to the basic philosophy under the leadership of Börjes children and grandchildren.