Börje Jönsson Åkeri AB wants, through its environmental policy, to inform internal and external stakeholders about our direction and ambition within the field of the environment. Our environmental work shall be based on the regulations and legislation that cover our operations, our customers' demands as well as working for continual improvement and preventing pollution. Environmental questions shall be dealt with both from our customers' and our own environmental perspectives and economic conditions.

This means:


  • that we regularly keep abreast of our customers environmental needs and wishes within the transport field.
  • that we continually make our transport services more efficient so that we consume energy in the best way for the environment.
  • that we train our staff so they can carry out their work in the environmental field in the best possible way by regularly updating their knowledge and experience.
  • that when buying products to carry out our transport services we take the environment into account and make demands on our suppliers.
  • that we openly and regularly publish accounts of our environmental work and maintain good contact with the authorities.
  • that we sort waste at source for either recycling or disposal.